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Delivery Info

Star Brand Beef delivery is done co-op style, which keeps delivery efficient and gives us all a chance to meet and chat. Customers will meet the delivery truck at a central location during a one to three hour window to pick up their beef. Please bring a copy of your order receipt - this can be printed out, or on your phone or tablet.

Specific times and locations will be emailed to customers after ordering. If you have questions or concerns regarding pickup times or locations, feel free to email me: sbb[at]starbrandbeef.com

Order cancellations may be made within two weeks of placing an order, and no later than June 15. To clarify, if you place an order on June 10th, the cancellation window is five days, not two weeks, so that cancellation occurs before June 15. There is a non-refundable 15% cancellation fee.


CASPER: Saturday, July 22 (morning)
CHEYENNE: Saturday, July 22 (midday)
FORT COLLINS: Saturday, July 22 (afternoon)
COLORADO SPRINGS: Sunday, July 23 (morning)
CASTLE ROCK: Sunday, July 23 (mid-morning)
DENVER: Sunday, July 23 (midday)

PARK CITY/SLC: Thursday, August 3 (afternoon)
LAS VEGAS: Friday, August 4 (midday)
JOSHUA TREE: Friday, August 4 (evening)
PASADENA: Saturday, August 5 (midday)
TORRANCE: Sunday, August 6 (morning)
CALABASAS: Sunday, August 6 (noon)
SANTA BARBARA: Sunday, August 6 (afternoon)
PASO ROBLES: Sunday, August 6 (evening)
SUNNYVALE: Tuesday, August 8 (noon)
ALAMEDA: Tuesday, August 8 (afternoon)
RICHMOND: Tuesday, August 8 (afternoon)
MILL VALLEY: Tuesday, August 8 (late afternoon/eve)
SAN FRANCISCO: Wednesday, August 9 (midday)
VACAVILLE: Thursday, August 10 (noon)
LAKE TAHOE: Thursday, August 10 (afternoon)
RENO: Friday, August 11 (morning)

BOZEMAN: Thursday, August 17 (afternoon+eve)
MISSOULA: Friday, August 18 (noon)
COEUR D'ALENE: Friday, August 18 (afternoon)
SPOKANE: Saturday, August 19 (morning)
SEATTLE: Saturday, August 19 (afternoon)
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND: Sunday, August 20 (morning)
OLYMPIA: Sunday, August 20 (midday)
PORTLAND: Sunday, August 20 (afternoon)