Star Brand Beef




Lamb is available exclusively as an add-on item for beef orders through May 2019. Lamb orders that do not accompany beef orders during this time will be cancelled and refunded.

I'm thrilled to partner with you in the name of healthy, humanely-raised food!

Please take a moment to read the terms of sale below, and feel free to email me with any questions prior to purchase.

Please choose your delivery route from the drop-down menu.

$8.00/lb hanging weight

With payment, each customer agrees to the following:

I understand this lamb is sold on the hoof and I assign Star Brand Beef exclusive and irrevocable rights to coordinate processing and delivery.

I understand this is a deposit to reserve my lamb order, and the final balance, to be determined the first week of July, will be due July 15, 2019.

I understand the delivery schedule included in this listing and which can also be found on the Delivery Info page here.

I understand that delivery locations and exact times will be emailed directly to me after deposit is paid, and that I must meet the truck at the appointed time, place, and date with receipt (printed, on phone, or on tablet) or my order will be donated to a shelter or food bank.

I understand that all sales are final and there are no refunds should I fail to meet the delivery truck at the appointed time, place, and date.

I understand this lamb cannot be legally resold.